Han Fleming | statement
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During the first period, I drew upon the work of Georges Bataille; his violent juxtapositions as a means of expression, his short essays published in the journal, Documents. Discussions  on random words such as,  “Absolute”, “Man”, “Abattoir”, “Eye”, “Factory Chimney” and “Dust”. Eli Lotar’s photographic account accompanying, Abattoir  informed previous work in the form of audio, short film and installation.  Slaughter and the place.

The Story of the Eye, is extreme, an unblinking Bataille – it has influenced this work and is a natural progression into his darkness and that of his blind father. The Viennese actionist, Herman Nitsch’s performance work, similar to Bataille’s writing, attempts to bring things down in the world, hence, Bataille’s Abattoir, Nitsch’s bull. Both have been described as existentialist.  And then we arrive at the other Nitsche. God is Dead, God remains dead, and we have killed him. 

God is Dead is the title. It addresses sacrifice and the formlessness of death stripped back to flesh or as Bataille would say, l’informe,  the Rabbit I Ran Over, The Doves, The Bird and the Apple. As does the written journal,  reflect. Written in the time before life as we knew it, changed, the then and the now,  is like night and day. the dark and the light. 




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